Serbia: Electricity from wind reduces imports

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Wind turbines that can supply 14,500 households are to be been built in cities of Kula and Vrsac. About 300 megawatts of green energy on the network already in 2016th

More powerful wind turbines, the first of its kind in Serbia, will be rotated from next year in our country and make it possible to reduce imports of electricity during the winter – for a half. After almost a decade of preparation for the construction of wind farms and about one billion EUR of investments that are waiting “at the door” of the country to invest in this industry, the wind will finally begin to be used in 2016th. So we could have 300 megawatts of green energy on the network next year.

Although during the years it was discussed that foreigners were interested in investing in green energy in Serbia, the first who will set up a wind turbine greater than one megawatt, will actually be – a local businessman. Miodrag Kostic with partners from Italy made a joint venture MK “Fintel wind”, which was started wind farm construction near Kula in the spring.

The installed power of wind turbines is 9.9 megawatts, and completion is expected in October-November 2015th. The plant will produce 27 million kilowatt-hours of green power, which is enough for the needs of nearly 8,000 households.

– This project has hired about 70 local workers, and in the connections construction in the substation participated “Elekrovojvodina”, as well as five subcontractors, all from Serbia – says Tiziano Giovanetti, the executive director of Italian “Fintel energy spa” and “MK Fintel wind”. – Given the fact that this is the first power plant of its kind in the country, we have trained Serbian workers whose knowledge will again be engaged in future projects.

Kole with the Italians invested close to 15 MEUR in this project, and it has also started construction of a second wind farm in the vicinity of Vrsac, which will supply about 5,500 households with green power.

Wind farm in Kovacica also should start working in September. It has been planned to install 76 wind turbines to generate electricity in order that the first ones would be turned on in 2016th. The value of the investment is estimated at 350 MEUR, and the total power produced from wind is about 250 megawatts.

However, except Kostic, also the American “General Electric”, who announced the construction of a wind farm in Dolovo with capacity of 500 megawatts, but also the other foreign investors are still waiting for the state to offer better guarantees.

– The problem is still in the by-laws governing the obligation to EPS, or the state, of buying power from wind at preferential prices explains Nicholas Rajakovic, professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. – Investors have difficulties to get loans from banks for business.

Besides, it is not also the best regulated the issue of permitting or construction of the connection for wind farms.


To stop the electricity imports during the winter, it is necessary to accumulate about 500 megawatts from wind farms. In this way, we fulfill an obligation under the Energy Community Treaty, to which we are committed until 2020th.

The good side of wind farms is that two thirds of the energy is produced during the winter period, when electricity is imported. It is also necessary to change the proper storage.