Serbia: Electricity price increase depends on change of laws, EPS keeps old price of electricity

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If the Law changes, from July he t1st, Serbian households will be able to choose from whom to buy electricity. The liberalization of the market will bring, of course, the possibility that different electricity sellers provide energy at different prices.

-Regarding EPS, regulated prices will still remain. That means, our plans for this year is not to increase the electricity price. Citizens will not be required to choose a supplier, which is in effect today for the economy. Simply, they can continue to be supplied by us, it is said in this company.

What that means in terms of price liberalization, explains Ljiljana Hadzibabic, a Member of the Energy Agency.

– Soon, households will be able to choose the supplier and we do not expect any boom in that regard – she said.

It is not the same, she says, if someone has a heating boiler in its house or if someone uses electricity only for common needs and devices.

– To those people whose consumption of electricity is in red zone will be attractive to seek a new offer, but that does not mean that EPS will lose customers, but in the commercial part it needs to find some suitable packages and to provide to the consumers competitive offer, but the one that will protect the EPS’s production – said Hadyibabic.

Source; Serbia Energy

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