Serbia: Electricity production and consumption market stats 2014

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In 2014, power plants in Serbia generated 32,151 GWh in total. Out of that number, thermal power plants fired by coal produced 63.6%, hydro power plants 35.4%, combined heat and power plants 0.2 % and other plants, small power plants connected to the distribution system 0.8%.

In 2014, electricity consumption amounted to 28.1 TWh – 1.5% lower than in 2013.

Since 2000, PE EPS has increased its production from the existing capacities. 2012 was an exception, primarily due to long revitalization processes within important units and due to hydrologic conditions which were below the average ones.

In comparison to 2013 when maximum production was achieved, i.e. almost 37.5 TWh, which is around 30% higher than in 2000, in 2014, there was production reduction due to limited exploitation of coal necessary for the operation of thermal power plants. The limitation was due to floods in May 2014 and, therefore, thermal power plants produced around 23% less electricity than in 2013. Production in hydro power plants was above the average level combined heat and power plants operated in line with the heat demand during the winter season and they produced considerably lower quantities than in 2013. Production from small power plants connected to the distribution grid is relatively small but their production in 2014 was 2.5 times higher than in 2013. This fact, in addition to the connection of new power plants to the distribution grid and in addition to favorable hydrological conditions is also the consequence of the unbundling of transmission and distribution grid. Therefore, the total annual production of hydro power plants “Ovčar banja“ and „Međuvršje“ was included in the production of power plants connected to the distribution system which was not the case before.

Beside the import of PE EPS which amounted to 246 GWh of electricity in 2014, based on the available data, it is estimated that other suppliers imported around 2,623 GWh in Serbia, i.e. in total 2,869 GWh were imported. The import of electricity was increased 4.4 times in comparison to 2013 in order to meet customers’ demand in Serbia. This was due to the inability of thermal power plants to operate due to coal shortage. , transmits

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