Serbia: Electricity production and sale to final customers, 1/2Q/2013 report summary

17. July 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Sale of electricity to final customers in may was 5.4 percent lower than planned, by the middle of june it was moving only about half a percent lower than the predicted size for the month when summer begins, but in the second half of June, on weekdays, because of heat wave impact and the use of air conditioners, it was reaching a record 87.3 million kilowatt-hours per day.
Precisely, the consumption of electricity in Serbia, according to the EPS sale to final customers with a complete supply, jumped to 20. june at ten percent higher value of planning for these days.

Jovica Vranić, director of Department for Energy Planning and Management in EPS Directorate for energy trading, says for our newspaper that such a large sale is at the level of summer maximum daily consumption in our country. In addition, he notes that in the first half of last month, the daily average temperature was 20.5 degrees, and in the next days jumped to about 30 degrees. Joint such a big jump of outside temperature with increasing number of air-conditioners have made this time too, like in the last few consecutive years, that summer electricity consumption continues to grow constantly.

Vranić said that the impact of hot wave and rapidly increasing of electricity sale in june passed without any supply disruption because excellent inflows on the Danube into the Drina confluence allowed sufficient production to fill the machine lack in overhaul. He said that for 19 days in june it was produced 14.3 percent more kilowatt-hours than predicted.

Electric power portfolio and the run -of- river hydropower plants produced almost a third more than planned. The average flow of the Danube (8,500 cubic meters) was about 3,000 cubic meters per second higher than expected, but when on 15. june high water wave, with more than 10,000 cubic meters per second, reached the profile of HPP “Djerdap”, it reduced strength of both Djerdap plants.

However, his short foray did not significantly reduce the production record of HPP “Djerdap”. Extremely good hydrology gave excellent results in the engagement of accumulative HPP, which provided almost four times more energy than planned to the system.

The production of coal thermal power plant was in line with the plan, and until 19. june on the free market was sold, according to Vranić, 270 million kilowatt-hours. In may, however, when consumption was lower than planned, on the free market was sold 359 million kWh. That month the total electricity consumption was less than planned, but the final production results, thanks to the excellent hydrology, were increased by hydropower plants (with HPP “Piva”). In the summer, therefore, it was entered with great inflows and suddenly heat impact. Vranić says that it is early for long-term summer prognosis, and points out that the realization of the tasks from the Electric power portfolio will be sure.                                                                                                  

Source;EPS/Serbia Energy

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