Serbia: EMS obtained electricity transmission system operator certificate

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The Council of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS) adopted a decision on the issuance of the electricity transmission system operator certificate to joint-stock company EMS.

EMS is now obliged to take all the necessary actions before the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia within 12 months in order to align the Serbian regulations to fulfill the requirement regarding the independence of the transmission system, as well as to register its ownership of assets that make the national transmission system.

This decision should be submitted to the competent authority of the Energy Community, and after obtaining the EC’s opinion, AERS will issue a permanent certificate to EMS.

In November 2016, EMS announced that as of today, the company operates as a joint-stock company. The new name of the company is EMS AD. It will operate as a non-public joint-stock company with 100 % state ownership, without the possibility of purchase of shares by other legal entities or individuals. Director General of the company Nikola Petrovic said that the reasons for the transition of EMS in the form of non-public joint-stock company are, among others, the obligations undertaken by Serbia under the Stabilization and Association Agreement concluded with the EU.