Serbia, Energy company EPS is preparing for the construction of solar and wind power plants

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JP EPS, a branch of TE-KO Kostolac, has announced a tender for examining the potential for the construction of power plants that use renewable energy sources wind and sun, with the preparation of the necessary studies and investment-technical documentation.

As stated in the technical specification of the work, the provided services refer to wind power plants and high power solar power plants (10 MW and more), as well as to low power solar power plants (less than 10 MW) and other services in the field of renewable energy projects.

The work, among other things, includes the creation of a terrain map, a preliminary analysis of the climatological parameters of the target region, an analysis of the possibility of building rooftop solar power plants on EPS facilities, as well as those on land owned by EPS, then, a preliminary selection of the type of wind turbines, solar panels and selection of locations and assessment of the gross and net production of the RES power plant.

The tender is open until January 17, reports eKapija.