Serbia: Energy Minister Antic, No plans to delay construction of the South Stream

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Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antic said that there were no plans to delay construction of the South Stream pipeline through Serbia. We see the South Stream as the European project says Antic.

– As I see it, such plans do not exist even in the member states of the European Union. I believe that the European Commission, the EU member states and Gazprom, namely the owners of the South Stream will find the solution on the outstanding issues as soon as possible – he said to the press in front of the Serbian government.

Antic said that Serbia’s position was not decisive and crucial for the construction of an international gas pipeline South Stream, and added that at this point the Serbian government just followed it without making any decisions.

– We will continue to monitor the Communication of the European Commission, the EU member states (which are involved in the South Stream) and with Russia and Gazprom – said Serbian Minister of Energy.

Antic said that in the Ministry of Mines and Energy saw the South Stream as a European project, because it included a number of European countries.

He specified that Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Italy and Austriahadcontracts with a company that should build the South Stream, but also Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia and Republika Srpska requestedits connection.

– At the moment when we talk about the reserves that exist in the EU for the continuation of the South Stream also Austria signed an agreement – said Serbian Minister of Energy Aleksandar Antic.

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