Serbia: Energy minister Zorana Mihajlovic announces start of consolidation of “Srbijagas” until the new year

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Minister of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection Zorana Mihajlovic said on Tuesday (24 September 2013) in Novi Sad that the financial consolidation of Srbijagas will be launched until the new year, or otherwise “Serbia will not have Srbijagas”.

Speaking of business of Srbijagas, Mihajlovic said at the press conference after opening international forum on renewable energy at Assembly of Vojvodina, that something has to change in the functioning of the company in a very short period of time, and that she truly believes that it will happen.

– I believe that until the end of the year, we will talk differently about the functioning of Srbijagas, and that financial consolidation of Srbijagas is launched. If it is not running, and I say this at government meetings too, Serbia will not have Srbijagas, and me as the responsible Minister, I will not allow it – said Mihajlovic.

Asked by reporters whether the problem of Srbijagas is the issue of how that company is headed by a director Dusan Bajatovic, Mihajlovic said that the issue of the functioning of Srbijagas can not be an issue related only to one man.

– Srbijagas is a huge company, very strategically important for Serbia. How important is EPS, so is  important Srbijagas too, except that EPS can use their own resources and in this sense can also control, but Srbijagas can not just use their own resources but has to import gas – said the Minister of Energy, adding she believes that Srbijagas can faster be reformed, and that Bajatović thinks it should be done slowly.

She said that the Serbian government is the one who will make the final decision, and that the Government  cares to have Srbijagas which is profitable, because, she said, only that kind of Srbijagas can negotiate with any of the power plants and large companies, such as Gazprom.

Source; Serbia Energy/MERZ

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