Serbia Energy ministry and RES investors: Ministry says Feed-in-Tariffs directive prolonged until the end of february

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Serbian Government prolonged directive for feed-in-tariffs for two months- it was published in latest issue of “Sluzbeni glasnik” about redemption of electricity from renewable sources at stimulating prices.That means that old feed-in-tariffs will not be changed until 28 February 2013.

Stimulating prices for redemption of electricity from renewable sources are determined by the renewable sources directive adopted in the end of November 2009. It supposed to be valid until 31 December 2012.

All guaranteed redemption prices for electricity produced in small hydro power plants, biomass facilities, solar energy, wind and biogas were determined by the directive since the beginning of production.

The biggest guaranteed price for electricity from solar power plants amounts 23 Euro-cent per kilowatt-hour.

Prices per kilowatt-hour- 7, 8 to 9, 7 Euro-cent for electricity produced in small hydro power plants, 11, 4 to 13, 6 Euro-cent for biomass electricity, 12 to 16 Euro-cent for biogas electricity and 9, 5 Euro-cent for wind power plants electricity, are guaranteed with the directive.

Electricity produced from sewage and landfill gas price is 6, 7 Euro-cent per kilowatt-hour, geothermal power electricity price 7,5 Euro-cent, combined energy producing power plants price is 7, 6 to 10, 4 Euro-cent, and price of electricity from plants that use junk yard is 8, 5 to 9, 2 Euro-cent.

States stimulates electricity production from renewable sources like water, wind, sun, biomass, over feed-in-tariffs, and energy companies are obligated to buy that kind of electricity at higher prices.

Ministry of Energy tabled a proposal about new direction which expiry date would last 12 years, stimulations for solar energy production on buildings, but redemption prices of sun and wind power electricity will decrease.

According to Ministry’s suggestion, feed-in tariffs for wind power plants electricity will be 9, 2 Euro-cent instead of 9, 5 Euro-cent per kilowatt-hour, for solar power plants electricity 16, 25 Euro-cent instead of current 23 Euro-cent.

Part of investors which is planning to invest about billion Euros in wind parks building in Serbia protested because of feed-in-tariffs decrease and estimated that it will postpone or completely cancel investments in wind parks.

Serbia took responsibility to increase renewable sources energy contribution in total amount of current 21, 2 to 27%.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine