Serbia: Energy Strategy envisages shutting down 8 coal-fired units by 2023

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At the public debate on the Program for the implementation of Energy Strategy for the period between 2017 and 2023, State Secretary at the Ministry of Mining and Energy Mirjana Filipovic said that Serbia plans to shut down eight coal-fired units at its thermal power plants by 2023, but it will still heavily rely on electricity produced from coal.

Sasa Minic from the Nikola Tesla Institute, which participated in the drafting of Energy Strategy, said that the possibility of shutting down of another thermal power plant unit has been also considered, and this depends of the cost-effective analysis. He added that the issue of coal is specific for Serbia because it ensures security of energy supply since more than half of the total primary energy needed in Serbia is produced from coal. According to him, the Energy Strategy has foreseen to maintain coal production at 37 million tons annually.

When it comes to new capacities, the dominant projects are the construction of seven wind farms, one combined gas and steam power plant and unit B3 at TPP Kostolac by the end of 2023.

The Program is focused on the energy security to which is given the highest importance, then the energy market development and transition to sustainable energy as other two priorities. This document contains an overview of measurable targets and indicators, as well as a list of measures, activities and projects by areas – from electricity and heat, coal, oil and gas to renewables and energy efficiency.