Serbia: Energy watchdog to impose controlling measures on power traders

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Serbian energy market, gas and electricity, pushes forward the harmonization process with EU Directives. There are 34 gas suppliers and 90 electricity traders registered in Serbia. With the ongoing process of liberalization the market framework requires more engagement of energy regulator.

New energy regulations bind the Energy Agency to control if power and gas suppliers and distributors obey regulations, conditions and pricing rules for connecting to electrical systems and whether prices and bills are calculated in line with agreed methods. Unsatisfied consumers will be able to complain to the Energy Agency.

All objections to power and gas connections or gas and electricity bills are first to be made at the counters of suppliers and the competent inspection. If businessmen or citizens are not satisfied with the explanation provided there, they can then also complain directly to the Energy Agency. In case of an increased number of reclamations, the Energy Agency will react by itself.

Aside from taking away the work permit, the Energy Agency will also be issuing a warning to power and gas suppliers and distributors, publishing on its website the names of all those who do not obey energy regulations. And these measures are about to get even more rigorous.

For Serbia, this is yet another step towards the alignment of the energy market with EU directives.

Increased supervision is necessary because the Serbian power and gas market is open – there are 34 gas suppliers and as many as 90 licensed electricity traders, transmits