Croatia: JANAF oil transport company marks increase of business activities in 2015

, SEE Energy News

JANAF oil transport and storage company made all investments from its own portfolio and there are no loans claim the CEO Dragan Kovacevic.

During 2015 JANAF realized the best business results since its founding. According to financial report income of 726 million kuna was achieved which is an increase of 48% compared with 2014. Net profit increased for 103% on 203 billion kuna.

63% of business income was achieved with contracts from international partners. Trend of increase of business activities could be found in fact that JANAF contracted oil storage and transport services with international partners in value of half of billion kuna.

JANAF is investing in additional storage capacities in Omisalj. They supply eight oil refineries in region, in Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovakia, transmits