Serbia; EPS Board meeting approves 2013 budget modifications and annual business plan for EPS Supply company

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Last session of Serbian power utility company EPS which was chaired by dr Aca Markovic, the president of BD PE EPS, members of the Board of Directors of Public Enterprise “Serbia Power Utility Company” adopted Annual program on amendments and modifications within annual business program of PE EPS and dependent economy companies for 2013, but also annual business program of EC “EPS Supply”.

On the session  which was also attended by Dejan Trifunovic, assistant of Ministry of Energy, development and environmental protection, also were adopted the planned acts of public enterprises on Kosovo and Metohija for 2013. By this decision practically were adopted rebalances of annual business programs in whole EPS system for this year.

As explained by Aleksandar Surla, director of EPS Management for economy –finance business, in this rebalance the incomes were increased for 184. 210. 526 MEUR, while the expenditures stayed at the same level as in the previous APP. He said that deficit of 438. 596. 491 MEUR in cash flows in the previous APP was reduced on 52. 631. 578 MEUR in the yesterday’s adopted rebalance.

̶ With adopted changes the earlier planned negative net result for 2013. of 188. 596. 491 MEUR will be 7.017.543 MEUR- said Surla. – Compared to previous APP, adopted rebalance has much better business results.

Members of EPS BD adopted decision on transfer prices creation and decision on transfer prices, and BD has cognizance of problems that PE EPS and dependent economy companies have to deal with in relation to Low of public supplies. Members of BD agreed that defining of problem overcoming measures in this low implementation is very important for enablement of regular business and production process in PE EPS and EC.

Mladjen Malesevic, director of EPS Management for administration and public supplies control, informed members of EPS BD about meeting with leaders of Board for public supplies and Commission for bidders’ rights protection, who are willing to help EPS in order to solve problems and complete scotched procedures more efficiently.  Malesevic pointed out that one of the possible solutions is dispensation from Low of public supplies for those economy companies that are occupied by market activity, namely wherever economy companies are displayed to the competition, by adoption Regulations of supplies. He explicated that similar principle was applied in Telekom Serbia, where activity of mobile telephony was dispensational from public supplies, and fix telephony did not.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS