Serbia: EPS & Kolubara mines company starts new lignite excavation field Radljevo

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At the end of this year or early next year Mining Basin “Kolubara” will begin works on the opening of a new open pit mine Radljevo , confirmed Milorad Grcic, the  company director. He said that early in 2014 the main project will be completed, and then will begin land expropriation in Radljevo .

In this project will be invested about 9 MEUR next year, said Grcic, adding that before this mine opening the several infrastructure objects should be removed from the area.

– The idea of ​​opening a new mine Radljevo is more than 30 years old and it is obvious that until now did not exist any political or any other will to start the project – he assessed.

Grcic emphasized the importance of a new project to increase the coal production from the Kolubara mines, which amount sat maximum 30 million tons per year, and said that “Kolubara” was ready for the coming winter, that all repairs were completed, and coal dump were full.

Stating that coal production in the mining basin takes 24 hours during all the year, he said that ” Kolubara” was pillar of the Serbia energy stability , because from the Kolubara lignite was produced 54 %electricity  in the country , as well as 70 % of the total coal amount.

Source; Serbia Energy

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