Serbia, EPS sold 4.06 million euros worth of electricity – a new daily record

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Serbian state-owned power utility said that, on 2 March, it sold a record 4.06 million euros worth of electricity on the free market. Total volume was 26.67 GWh and it was sold on Serbian and other regional exchanges.

The statement from the company said that, in the first three days of March, it sold a total of 8 million euros worth of electricity. During these days, Serbia was the largest electricity exporter in southeastern Europe.

This is due to increased hydro generation and, on 2 March, hydropower plant Zvornik achieved new daily electricity production record of 2,923 MWh. The previous record, set on 23 December last year , was surpassed by 5 MWh.

The new record is a result of the plant’s revitalization project. Installed capacity of HPP Zvornik has been increased by an additional 30 %, from 92 MW to 122 MW. The revitalized generators were put into operation gradually from December 2016 to January 2020.

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