Romania, Delgaz Grid will invest 180 million euros in 2023

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CEO of Romanian electricity and natural gas distributor Delgaz Grid, which is part of the German E.ON, Cristian Secosan said that more than 180 million euros, both from its own resources and the European funds, will be invested in electricity and gas networks operated by the company in 2023.

With the 136 million euros invested in 2022, the total investment since E.ON entered the Romanian market increased to 1.6 billion euros.

Secosan said that the funds must be allocated to strengthen the infrastructure so that new energy sources can be connected to the network. Both prosumers and large producers from renewable sources need a network capable of taking over their produced electricity. Without investments in the network, Romanian consumers will not have cheap and reliable electricity supply.

According to Secosan, not only the old infrastructure from the 1970s needs to be replaced, but also that from the 1990s, which was not always built at the best quality. At the same time, the company also needs to invest in the development of the gas network, in projects based on green hydrogen and in cyber security solutions.

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