Serbia: EPS TPP Kostolac and electricity production, Postponing thermal power plants overhaul schedules because of the flooded open mine pits in Kolubara

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Since May,Thermal Power Plants “Kostolac” operate in a special mode, with maximum engagement of all capacities for the electricity generation. Daily, the system receives 13.5 thousand megawatt – hours of electricity on average.Because of the situation in EPS concerning the electricity supply, this mode of operation is ordered to be followed in the future, given that the country needs each and every kilowatt it has.

Realized electricity production in the company “TPP – OPMs Kostolac” by June, 11 amounts to approximately 2,285,646 MWh, which is a few per cent less than the planned amount for this period.The Department for electricity production of this company performs all necessary preparations in order to implement overhaul activities in the summer period.Due to reduced operation of the Obrenovac thermal-power plants, there has been a change in overhauls execution dynamics, said ZoranStanojević, director of the Department for electricity production: -But now we know that the repairs will take place a little later than we had originally planned.The overhaul of the Power Unit B1 will be done in July, while the overhauls of units A1 and A2 will most likely be done in August or September.

Unit in TPP “Kostolac A” work in maximum capacity and show enviable reliability in their work.The emergency situation due to the floodsis behind us, when these Units worked safely having only problems with supply of coal from the Open Pit Mine “Drmno”, which we have managed to overcome and ensure stable supply of this thermal power plant.In the Unit B1 of TPP “Kostolac B” rehabilitation is under way and all our efforts are directed to put this thermal power capacity on the grid, in early December, as envisaged by the plan.This accounts for a complex technical enterprise which requires careful co-ordination of all participants, which will allow the Unit B2 to work with the projected capacity”.