Serbia: EPS TPP Kostolac ash handling system project by Clyde Bergeman

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The project – Ash handling system replacement in TPP “Kostolac” A, is expected to be completed this year.

In the Kostolac branch of “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”, works on the new plant are starting this year, which will, thanks to the modern technological solutions, enable the electricity generation to take place with substantial environmental improvements. For the ash and slag transport system in Thermal Power Plant “Kostolac A”, new technology was applied, which has multiple contributions to ethe nvironmental protection, says Mr. Nenad Jankov, Director of TE “Kostolac A”.

– The implementation of the project – Ash handling system replacement in the TPP “Kostolac” A, is expected to be completed this year. The new system includes equipment, by which ash and slag, after collecting from the units of TPP “Kostolac A” by new technology, thick slurry at a ratio of 1:1, are transported to the ash landfill – explained Mr. Jankov. – In addition to the new equipment, within TPP “Kostolac A”, a new ash pipeline was constructed, from TPP “Kostolac A” to the ash landfill in the OCM “Cirikovac”. The project is of special importance for the environmental protection. The construction of this ash handling system creates conditions for the permanent closure of the current landfill Srednje kostolacko ostrvo, which will solve the problem of ash dispersion in the city of Kostolac, and surrounding settlements. On the ash landfill, additional station was built, for return of separated water from thick slurry, from the ash landfill TPP “Kostolac A”, which is re-used for mixing with ash and slag in the process of collecting the ash and slag instead of water from the River Danube, which is an additional benefit for natural resources preservation.

The reconstruction value for the part of the plant within TPP “Kostolac A” is about 18 million EUR and these funds were provided mainly by KfW loan, which was approved to “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”, and to a lesser extent, by the share of EPS. The value of ash pipeline from TPP “Kostolac A” to the ash landfill at OCM “Cirikovac” and the necessary equipment at the landfill itself, is about 6 million EUR and this funds EPS provided from its own financing.

In the reconstruction of ash handling system at TPP “Kostolac A” during this year, a consortium, comprising of companies “Clyde Bergeman” and domestic company “Gosa Montaza” from Velika Plana, ended up the installation and trial operation of equipment within TPP “Kostolac A”. Consortium of domestic companies, led by the company “Energotehnika – Juzna Backa” from Novi Sad, completed the construction, and put into trial operation the new ash pipeline from TPP “Kostolac A” to the new location of ash landfill in the OCM “Cirikovac”.

– This mode of lignite combustion products transportation, significantly reduces the space required for the ash disposal and dispersion from the surface of the landfill. This may, in large part, reduce negative impact on the environment, and this project also presents an ecological investment of Kostolac branch of EPS. The most important activity in this year, is the new plant trial operation, with proving the project performances. Units of TPP “Kostolac A”, are, after the completion of this year’s overhauls, connected to the new plant, and now, the adjustment of the new equipment operation is in progress – says Mr. Jankov.

The route

The route of the thick slurry pipeline, in an approximate mass ratio of 1: 1, will be from thermal power plant on the east, across the Sopotska greda, next to a belt conveyor for the coal supply in TPP “Kostolac A”, to the River Mlava and the existing pipeline of the same purposes of TPP “Kostolac B”. Further, the route goes to the south, with the same direction as the aforementioned pipeline, to the existing landfill in the area of OCM “Cirikovac”, where ash and slag from TPP Kostolac B are already dispensed.