Serbia: EU Delegation for Environment and Climate Change criticizes building of coal-fired TPPs

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Antoine Avignon, program manager at the EU Delegation for Environment and Climate Change said that the Serbian announcement of construction of coal-fired thermal power plant Kolubara B and the investment in extending the operational life of Kolubara A are not a good way for Serbia, because the European Union is trying to phase-out the use of coal and fossil fuels.

Speaking at the online panel on air quality, Avignon said that the energy mix in Serbia is such that there are not enough alternatives and green opportunities, adding that the EU will push Serbia to move away from coal and decarbonize its economy. The process will take years, which is why the EU introduced the just mechanism that will apply for the entire Balkans with special rules for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Avignon emphasized that air pollution in Serbia has not decreased, that the situation in Smederevo and Bor is now even worse when it comes to air quality, adding that perhaps the Green Deal implemented by the EU will be a good opportunity to work on reducing the carbon dioxide emissions in Serbia.