Serbia exclusive report: TPP TENT co report on electricity production and financial result in 2013, positive outlook

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The Thermal Power plants TENT company produced 20,064,945 MWh of electricity in the period January-December 2013th and it achieved plan by 99.76%, and with a non-produced electricity, due to the hot and cold reserve and the operation of TENTA in the secondary regulation mode (2,695,597 MWh), set plan would be achieved with 113,16%. The Company TENT made a profit of 31, 7 MEUR In 2013th. Total revenues amounted to 683, 63 MEUR and they were higher of the total expenditure (651, 8 MEUR) for profit amount. If we look only the ratio of operating incomes and expenses, our company achieved even bigger profit – 49, 1 MEUR. TPP TENT includes TPPs TENT A, TENT B, TE Kolubara TEK and TPP Morava Svilajnac TEM. TENT TPPs company produces more than 50% of Serbian electricity and belongs to Serbian Power Utility company EPS.

Milan Urosevic, Director of economic – financial affairs in SC TENT, explains financial operations of SC TENT in the last year. According to him, liabilities to suppliers and performers in comparison to 2012th were reduced even for 81.6% – from 37 MEUR to 7 MEUR. Given advances for reserves in materials and services to 31st December 2013th amounts to 9, 3 MEUR, and one year before were 32, 9 MEUR , what is an reduction of 71.8 %. Achieved revenues from the electricity sale in 2013th amounted to 666 MEUR, and in 2012th – 573 MEUR; therefore, income achieved last year was higher for 16.1%. However, with the increase in revenues from the electricity sale also increased demand on the basis of delivered energy for 29.2 %; from 203 MEUR in 2012th at 262 MEUR in 2013th. And costs for coal increased for 23.8% and from 311 MEUR (2012th) at 385 MEUR in the last year.

When it comes to the operational production indicators, Urosevic emphasizes that in the period January-December 2013th, SC TENT produced 20,064,945 MWh of electricity and achieved plan with 99.76%. With non-produced electricity due to the hot and cold reserve and the operation of TENTA in the secondary regulation mode (2,695,597 MWh), set plan would be achieved with 113, 16%. Although the production plan for the last year has not been achieved in full, nonetheless was achieved the second best result since the branches TENT A, TENT B, TEK, TEM AND ZT have been within SC TENT composition (earlier PE TENT).  Participation of SC TENT in total electricity production of PE EPS in the previous year amounts to 53.6 %, and in the production of all EPS thermal power plants 75.14 %, which is slightly less than in 2012th.

Also a number of significant production records have been achieved in 2013th. On 29th January unit TENT B-1 achieved record daily production (15,140 MWh), and in December also the monthly – 449 GWh. TENTA also made the best monthly result in December with 1.085 GWh of produced electricity. And on 23rd January at Tamnava were loaded 46 trains or 69. 562 tons of coal which is the best daily loading since the beginning of the work on this loading station.

The heat energy production in SC TENT in the last year was 238,278 MWhT, which is 9.6% less than planned, compared to 2012th less for 4.8 %. Technical steam production at the level of TENT doo was 42,698 T last year, and that is less than planned production for 7.8%, but compared to 2012th – it is production higher for 15%.

SC TENT Assembly should soon adopt report on the business activity in SC TENT for the period January – December 2013th.

AF1: There were 2,497 employees in SC TENT on 31st December, and 2,478 on the same date in 2012th. The total number of employees has been increased by 19 which is the result of employment of 121 and departure of 102 employees. However, number of employees is lower for 47 than it was predicted by the plan of work forces, due to the absence of new workers recruitment. During the last year, 16 employees were relocated from one to another organizational unit.

AF2: Government of the Republic of Serbia, at the session held on 7th March, gave the approval on the Annual business plan of PE EPS and subsidiary companies in its composition for 2014th. The total income of 677 MEUR and the total expense in the amount of 681 MEUR were planned according to ABP of Subsidiary Company TENT for 2014th. A negative financial result, which has been planned, will depend on the macroeconomic assumptions at the state level, as well as current general business conditions and the assessment for 2014th.

Source; Serbia Energy

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