Serbia Exlusive:Tender for 250MEUR FDG Project in TENT A until November 15th

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The tender for the construction of a system of sulfur dioxide emission reduction in power plant “Nikola Tesla A” (TENT), worth about 250 million euros, should be announced in mid-November, flue gas desulphurizaton project. Prequalification process, which already attracted more than 15 bidders, was confirmed for only 6 world referenced companies, Japanese and European companies.

Director of system improving in TENT, Miroslav Tomasevic, explained that the preparation of tender documents is in progress, with the help of the Japanese consulting firm Tepsco, as foreseen by intergovernmental agreement with Japan on the withdrawal of loan.

“We expect the tender to be announced by November 15, and the start of works can be expected in August or September of 2014,” said Tomasevic.

Completion of the project, he said, will allow that emissions of sulfur dioxide decrease from the current 2,500 to 5,000 milligrams per cubic meter at 200 milligrams per cubic meter, which is in line with European directives.

According Tomasevic, flue gas desulphurization project will include four of the six units of thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla A”.

The project will be done in phases, so that the set up the system in blocks A3 and A4 should be completed in 2017, and the A5 and A6 in 2018, he said.

Tomasevic said that the desulfurization will be done on the technology of wet limestone, as studies have shown that it is cost-effective procedure for Serbia because it has a lot of limestone.

The technology of wet limestone, gypsum-called process, is used on 55 percent of the plants with desulphurization system in the world.

European directives, said Tomasevic, prescribe the content of sulfur dioxide up to 200 milligrams per cubic meter for old power plants, and for new up to 150 milligrams, but since tightening of these standards is expected, update of TENT is already anticipated.

He said the study for the installation of desulphurization of both blocks of TPP “Nikola Tesla B” is also done.

“We should provide funds and move into the investment. Currently there is no money, but there are indications if the desulphurization project for TENT is successful, that the loan agreement with Japan could be expanded to finance the project for TENT B too,” said Tomasevic.

According to earlier estimates, the desulphurization project of two blocks TENT B needs another 200 million.

Director of improving system in TENT Miroslav Tomasevic said that in all blocks of the power plant are set Electrostatic precipitators that prevent emissions content of solid particles to exceed 50 milligrams per cubic meter, in line with European standards.

Thermal power plants “Nikola Tesla” in Obrenovac operate within the Electric Power Industry of Serbia and produce roughly 50 percent of the electricity for the Serbian market.

The loan agreement of 250 million euros for the desulphurization project at TENT was signed by representatives of EPS and Japan in November 2011.

Source; Serbia Energy

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