Serbia expects 50% share in future JV with RWE and other strategic partners, says Energy Minister Mihajlovic

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The top priorities for the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection are related to the improvement of energy efficiency, energy infrastructure construction and change in the way of managing public enterprises within this sector, says Prof. Zorana Mihailovic, Minister of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection and adds: It’s high time to put things in order in Serbian energy sector.

EPS is entering the corporate improvement process, which is seen as one of the steps towards market efficiency and profitability. Strategic partnership projects, like Serbia signed with RWE, are always welcomed, given a difficult economic situation of both EPS and the country. The interests of Serbia will be brought in focus, and I hope that the stake of Serbia in those projects will account for at least 50%.

I insist on the fact that EPS, as well as any other public enterprise, should become more efficient and productive so that in a few years from now we can be proud of our contribution to the development of electric power industry and energy sector as a whole. – Joint ventures and strategic partnerships are always welcomed bearing in mind a difficult economic situation in both EPS and the country, says Minister Mihajlovic.

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