Serbia, First RES auctions will be announced in Q3 2022

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Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy said that the first auctions for awarding concessions for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources will be announced in the third quarter of this year. The announcement was already delayed on two occasions, it was first scheduled for the end of 2021 and was later pushed back for early 2022.

The Ministry explains that, by the end of the year, several bylaws that will enable the full implementation of the Law on the use of renewable sources will be adopted, also allowing the launch of premium-based RES auctions.

In late 2021, the Serbian Government adopted a Decree on the quota of the market premium system for wind power plants. The decree was adopted in order to increase the production of electricity from renewable sources and create a competitive RES market in Serbia. The premiums will be awarded on RES auctions, which will be conducted on the basis of quotas prescribed by the Government. The first wind auction will be held in 2022 with a quota of 400 MW. Power plants eligible to participate in RES auction must have installed capacity higher than 500 kW, with the exception of wind farms where the minimum rises to 3 MW.

Also, the Council of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS) made a decision on determining the maximum purchase price for auctions for electricity from wind power plants. The maximum purchase price for electricity produced in wind farms with an installed capacity of more than 3 MW is 5.57 eurocents/kWh.

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