Serbia: Gas supply shift of policy, from South Stream to No Stream?

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Serbian experts says that there are a number of unknowns when it comes to Serbia joining the gas pipeline to Europe, which has a US support.

Firstly it should be determined whether technically there is possibility for Serbia to join the gas pipeline, which has US support and will carry gas from Azerbaijan to Europe, gas pipeline is not even close to capacity that was predicted by the South Stream.

Azerbaijani gas pipeline is not even close to capacity that was predicted by the South Stream, so I do not know if we can expect some serious gas amounts, so we do not know what the Americans can help, because we have better relations with Azerbaijan than the Americans.

Serbian public saw what it looked like when politicians talked about the South Stream. It was wonderful, even it was expected that we make some billion and that is not possible, but politicians can afford also to talk something that cannot be prove it.

As stated, the idea should certainly be considered.

But serious people should deal with the serious business, firstly the experts should assess if we can and at what price to get into the investment project.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Serbia would accept the suggestion from the United States to reduce its dependence on Russian gas, so it would join the gas pipeline, which had US support and would carry gas from Azerbaijan to Europe.

In an interview with the American Associated Press during a visit to Tirana, Vucic said on the issue of energy security that Serbia was ready to use gas from multiple sources, which, as he said, “is very important for our American friends, too”.

Last year Russia called off plans to build South Stream, which was supposed to go through Serbia, as there have emerged problems in relations with the West due to the crisis in Ukraine.

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