Serbia: Gas unbundling, „Srbijagas“ will face changes

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Works on the construction of “South Stream” are going as planned. Two days ago, the messages that Serbia received from Brussels, regarding the “South Stream, according to which the construction of an important energy project can still be stopped, “Gazprom” does not want to comment.

As Minister Mrs. Zorana Mihajlovic stated the main problem was that it was not done in time restructuring of the “Srbijagas,” which her ​​Ministry had proposed. That’s why Serbia is now, “in front of  making policy decisions regarding this problem”, as in Brussels say.

According to the plan of the Ministry of Energy at the beginning of 2013, the “Srbijagas” should be split into two companies – “Srbijagas”, which would deal with production, and “Transgas”, responsible for the distribution of gas.  Bajatović this plan commented:

“Along with such a model of restructuring,” Srbijagas ” has no chance to survive. We want to build a profitable holding in which will be shared activities, and the Ministry wants everything good to transfer on  ‘Transgas” and  all sick to leave to the “ Srbijagas. ”

The Ministry, nevertheless, say that if the restructuring was done in time, this year  “Srbijagas”  would have 120 million euros profit. – The new Government unreservedly will continue its efforts on the realization of the “South Stream”, they say from the Ministry of Energy.

Source; Serbia Energy


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