Serbia: “HPP Đerdap“, production plan is exceeded in June

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During the month of June in the Company “HPP Đerdap“, 677.78 million kWh were produced, while for six months the production reached 6.58 billion kWh.

Adequate operational readiness of the Power Unit and favorable hydrological conditions contributed the Company “HPP Đerdap“ to fulfill production plan for June. If compared with the planned 664 million, 677.78 million kWh were produced, which means that the plan was exceeded for five percent.

The largest HPP on the river Danube “Đerdap1” achieved 96 percent of the planned production. 481.32 million KWh were produced out of planned 503 million kWh. The cause for it is that the water from the water storage upstream of our largest HPP was released. HPP “Đerdap2” exceeded the production plan. 142.26 million kWh were produced, that is an increase of four percent if compared with the planned 137 million kWh.

Vlasina HPPs recorded the production of 37.32 million kWh thousend 319 MWh of electricity i.e. nine times more than planned, because the plan for June was four million kWh. In June in HPP in Pirot, according to energy balance production was not planned, but achieved production was 16.87 million kWh.

For the first six months until now the Company “HPP Đerdap” fulfilled 58 percent of annual plan i.e. produced 6.58 billion kWh.