Serbia: HPP Zvornik’s electricity production record

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Hydropower plant Zvornik set a new monthly record with 81.926 GWh of electricity, the highest amount in its 65-years long operational history, after a series of daily records in electricity production. This is 13.5 % more than the previous record of 72.171 GWh. In January 2021, the revitalized units produced 116 % more electricity than planned. This result is a consequence of the plant’s revitalization, which increased the output of all units. The revitalized units work with increased flow, significantly higher degree of efficiency and with a larger drop that was achieved by digging the riverbed of the river Drina downstream from the dam.

The increase in the production of electricity and better utilization of the inflow on the Drina river was made possible by the revitalization of the plant, when all four units were completely overhauled, which increased the output and expanded their operational life. The project started in 2016 and the revitalization of all four units was completed in early 2020. Power output of HPP Zvornik’s units was increased by 30 MW, which, in the current hydrological conditions, produce about 20 % more electricity than before. The total installed capacity of the plant after its revitalization is increased to 125.6 MW, which is 30 % more than before. Revitalization has also contributed to reducing maintenance costs and extending the operational life of the power plant by 40 years. Electricity production is expected to increase by up to 15 % annually, depending on hydrological conditions, which is about additional 70 million kWh per year.