Serbia: HPPs of Djerdap energy complex fulfill annual production plan

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The subsidiary company “HPPs Djerdap “, which brings together the work of four hydro power plants – HPP” Djerdap 1″, HPP “Djerdap 2”, Vlasina HPPs and HPP “Pirot” fulfilled today annual production plan of 6.47 billion kilowatt hours.

As they say in the dispatcher service, by the end of the year, it is expected the production to be 700 million kilowatt-hours. The current flow of the Danube greater than 6,000 cubic meters of water per second provides the daily production of the Danube HPPs – “Djerdap 1” and “Djerdap 2 “, more than 20 million kilowatt-hours.

It is also expected greater engagement of “Vlasina HPP” and HPP “Pirot”. These producers of peak electricity at Vlasina Lake and the accumulation “Zavoj” have the potential to produce more than 250 million kilowatt-hours.

Compared to last year’s production balance, this year’s production in the Subsidiary “HPPs Djerdap ” increased by more than 400 million kilowatt-hours. This production was achieved thanks to the extremely good work and the production of HPP “Djerdap 1”, the largest member of the backbone of the company within the EPS. HPP “Djerdap 1” realized its plan of 4.69 billion kilowatt-hours a week ago and with good prospects to surpass it by 25 percent until the end of the year, or more than 662 million kilowatt-hours.

Also other plants in the Subsidiaries system recorded good results. Hydro power plant “Djerdap 2” is on 93 percent of the annual plan. HPP “Pirot” exceeded the plan for the third, and Vlasina power plants await cold days with full lake when they will fully contribute and fulfill the plan for this year. With this production the Subsidiary “HPPs Djerdap ” gave a great contribution to the conservation of the Serbian energy system.