Serbia: Hydrological conditions in HPP “Djerdap 1”

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After a two-week water discharge through spillways and lowering the lake level at the technically allowed and minimum elevation of 63.00 meters above sea level, it began the lake filling upstream of the hydropower plant “Djerdap 1”.

Level of upper elevations has been increased by one meter. As the level at the mouth of the Nera River also fell below the maximum allowable elevation and tends to further decrease and the Danube flow is less than 11,500 cubic meters per second, it started the gradually filling of the lake.

However, the water continues to flow over five spillways because yesterday’s flow was 10,800 cubic meters per second. The silts of uprooted and broken trunks navigating the Danube still are the biggest problem in the work of HPP “Djerdap 1”. About 500 cubic meters of slit was extracted and shipped to a landfill during the last three shifts. A number of machinery and ship with two boats also were engaged. Due to the large drifts four units were extraordinarily stopped at night to clean the entry of turbine grids.

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