Serbia: Hydropower plants’ excellent electricity generation

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Hydropower plants operated by Serbian state-owned power utility EPS continued to break production records in February after successful and record production in January. The completely revitalized HPP Zvornik achieved record production in February. This HPP produced a total 72.653 million kWh of electricity, which is 26 % more than the previous record in February production, which amounted to 57.769 million kWh. Due to the favorable hydrological situation, revitalized units and high reliability, the production plan for February was exceeded by 20 %. The largest hydropower plant on the Danube – Djerdap 1, also produced 655.68 million kWh and set a record in electricity generation for February. The achievement of this result was most influenced by the favorable hydrological situation and operational readiness of the unit.

So far, five units of HPP Djerdap 1 have been revitalized, and when the revitalization of the last unit is completed, this HPP will be able to produce more electricity, in accordance with the hydrological situation. The conditions for such a successful hydro production of EPS were created by good technical preparation, modernization of HPPs, as well as preparation of lakes for incoming waters.