Serbia: All issues between Serbia and Romania regarding HPP Djerdap resolved

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Acting Director of Serbian state-owned power utility EPS Milorad Grcic said that after a series of meetings, Serbia and Romania managed to solve all issues related to the functioning of joint hydropower plants Djerdap 1 and 2.

The two sides have managed to agree on many important issues, including the rehabilitation of the waterfall, which should begin soon. Grcic also said that the two sides will make a cross-section of the current state to determine how much each of the sides owes to the other and propose methods for the resolution of financial issues.

Grcic said that the rehabilitation of the waterfall should start soon and the Romanian side is already preparing the project documentation and expects to launch a tender in 2019, while Serbian side will take a little longer. Another major issue that has been resolved is the maintenance of the Danube coastal area, in particular the water level of the Nera river. The water level should be kept at 68 meters, because lower level could jeopardize electricity production and higher levels could cause flooding on the Serbian side.