Serbia: Kostolac TPP overhauls completed and ready for winter reliable operations, Capital projects in TPP “Kostolac B” in 2014

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The works on the block A1 are completed, while in other blocks they are still ongoing. Realization of planned operations is carried out without major problems, so that TPP “Kostolac A” and “Kostolac B “will be ready for winter period.

For the first six months in TPP “Kostolac A” has been produced 876.869 MWh, and in TPP “Kostolac B” 2.221.233 MWh, which provides total production of 3.098.102 MWh in all blocks.

−The production of electricity in the first six months is carried out without major turbulences. The plan for the electricity production in TPP “Kostolac A“ and “Kostolac B“ is very close to realization. In TPP “Kostolac A“  the plan production has been realized about 99 percent, and in “Kostolac B“ about 96 percent – said Zoran Stanojević, director of Management of electricity production. – On TPP “Kostolac A“blocks has been fulfilled good production result. We can be satisfied with the realization on block A1 and on the block A2, whose production is within planned amounts. In block A2 overhaul is underway, while in block A1all overhaul activities have been completed and according to the plan synchronized on 1. July. Synchronization of block A2 is provided for 15. July, after which we expect this plant to be fully prepared for the winter.

Production on blocks B1 and B2 is about 96 percent, due to delay during aggregates running on B2 after last year’s revitalization. For B1, in the following year have been planned large interventions that should start 1.March and will last 9 months, and 1. December, this block should be online. In the following year, except for the revitalization of block B1, the important project will be the facility construction for flue gas desulphurization of blocks B1 and B2. This project is significant in the field of environmental protection, and will be the first on level of the whole Electric Power Industry of Serbia. The talks with chinese partners on this project are under way, and our teams are fully prepared for the implementation of this procedure.