Serbia mining: Bor copper company opens new ore 700k tons deposit pits, copper 1.7%

20. August 2013. / Mining

Copper company Bor works more than three months on the opening and operation of two new ore bodies.Thanks to that the ore production from that drive is doubled, copper quantity increased in new reserves. Copper company Bor explains that except continuity in production, mining of these two new ore bodies will allow further researches because geologists expect that this area has more deposits with rich ore.

After that at the beginning of the year ended exploitation of the T ore body, from which it was extracted 220,000 tons of ore with 8,600 tons of copper, workers of Jama Bor, passed of the following two – T1 and T2 in early April.

It is estimated that these two deposits contain about 700, 000 tons of ore with an average content of 1.7 percent of copper.

For more than two months they did the corridors, chambers and, thanks to the experience of the T ore body and the instructions of the supplier company Atlas Kopka, began roof securing, in order to continue safe digging.

“Novelty in the exploitation of ore bodies T1 and T2 is a way of roof and sides securing. Until now the Bulgarian company worked as a subcontractor in the drive Jama RTB Bor on the securing the T ore body, which was conducted by similar method”, says Miljkovic.

Since the opening of ore bodies T1 and T2, Bor miners work insurance alone because, as he said, “we believe that no one can do the insurance better than we can”.

“We enter alone in the ore body and we also protect our heads alone. From the works termination in the ore body T, we increased production from the pits for100 percent. Last year it was excavated 25,000 tons of ore per month, now the production is between 45 and 50 tons of ore per month, because the copper content in the ore is smaller”, said Miljkovic.

In order to accelerate the work in these ore bodies, more equipment should arrive soon in Jama Bor.

It is expected that the exploitation of the ore bodies T1 and T2 would be completed in two years. Hall excavation provides space for further researches and geologists expect that there are more undiscovered deposits of rich ore.

Source; Serbia Energy mining desk/RTB

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