Serbia mining: Canadian company found new gold and silver deposit with 30 grams of gold per ton

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The Canadian mining company “Mundoro” has found a golden deposit in the vicinity of Savinac village of Boljevac. At a depth of a hundred meters, a 12 meters layer was discovered, containing even 30 grams of gold and the 171 grams of silver per ton!

The discovery of such a concentration of gold indicates mineralization that allows the exploration to continue, with good prospects that future results will be the same. The company has announced that it will intensify geological explorations around Savinac village and it expects to find resources for opening of gold mine!

Until now, the highest content of gold, over 50 grams per ton has been discovered by the Canadian company Nevsun, which explores the vicinity of Bor, while the richest gold mine in the world is the US “Holister”, where 27 grams of gold per tons is being exploited, and the Australian “Gosovong”, where the deposit contains the ore with 24 grams of gold per ton.

Otherwise, the first assumptions indicate that the gold wire in the exploratory field near Savinac, also known as the Tilva Rosh, extends over the area of 650 times 400 meters.

Geological explorations will be intensified, and it is expected that the discovered resources will be sufficient for the opening of the mine. In the vicinity of Bor there are also rich copper deposits.

“Mundoro” has recently announced that it is interested in strategic partnership with RTB “Bor”, and Canadians are already exploring in several locations around Bor. Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) is a partner in this project. These two companies have exploration licenses in three exploration fields, in which they will invest around USD 4 million. Japanese JOGMEC is a state-owned company, the largest one dealing with the exploitation of oil, gas and mining.

At the same time, another Canadian company, Nevsun, completed exploration works around Bor, in the area of ​​Cukaru Peki deposit and it undoubtedly confirmed that the resource they were exploring is the richest copper site in the world. In addition to copper content over 20 percent of the ore at a depth of 600 meters, Canadians have found a 12-meter layer with a copper content up to 34 percent. All deposits are considered to be profitable, if the percentage of pure copper in ore exceeds one percent.

Ore with up to 0.3 percent of copper is currently exploited at RTB “Bor”

The gold mine in China was sold to the State

The Canadian “Mundoro” came to public focus after finding a gold mine in the Chinese province of Maoling a few years ago. The Canadians later sold 95 percent of exploration rights to the National Mining Company of China, headquartered in Hong Kong. They conduct geological explorations in several more places in Serbia, but they also have licenses for explorations in Bulgaria, where they are searching for new gold deposits in the Carpathian Mountains.