Serbia mining: Case study of Freeport-McMoran Copper project in serbia, Mineral resources – the driving force for development in Serbia

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According to Mac Canby Vicepresident of Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold , security, sustainability and long-term development are the basic values of this company, which is one of the largest registered copper producers with 15 percent of the world production, 35. 000 employees and 13 mines on 4 continents. The budget which is allocated at the annual level for the environmental protection improvement is of 300 to 600 million dollars. In the 2012, on five continents, the company has invested 275 million dollars in geological research.

During presentation Mac Canby was talking about the current development projects and decade of research in Serbia. This US company  has operated in Serbia since the 2001. It currently works on geological-research project Cukaru Peki. The starting drillings on this location gave encouraging results with high copper and gold content.

Freeport-Mc Moran company has invested more than 40 million in geological research in the Bor surrounding just in the 2012.The Vice President of this mining giant’s singled out projects Timok, Jadar, Borska reka and Coka Marin as very significant for development of Serbia. How Mac Canby points out, the problem occurs when the deposits are deep, and thus more expensive, therefore, it is necessary to attract investors in order to start production as soon as possible.Source;

Serbia Energy mining desk

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