Serbia mining: FDI mining exploration and geological research projects

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The total number of reported cases, geological characteristics and prospecting potential of solid minerals, oil and gas was 2.500. Total investment in geological exploration by 2013th was over 200 million EUR. Geological surveys in Serbia are currently carried out in 126 fields of research. Such intensive geological investigations resulted in the discovery of new mineral resources, previously unknown to us, such as lithium in Jadar, new gold deposits in the sediments west of the Crni Vrh, new copper and gold deposits in formations Timok Magmatic Complex at great depths under the neogene sediments.

Besides, oil and gas exploration throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia have been granted in recent years, as well as the geological exploration of coal in the western part of the Kostolac coal basin and Sjenica basin. Among the research carriers dominate the Canadian and U.S. companies, of which the most important are: “Rio Sava Exploration”, “Rakita exploration”, “Dunav minerals”, “Avala Resources”, “LithiumLi Balkans,” “Lithium Li Exploration”, Balkan expl. & mining”, “Deli Jovan Exploration”, “Dunav resources”, “Balkan Gold”, “TILVA”, “Ultra Balkans”, “Empire Mining “, “Stara Planina resources”, “Appalacian resources ” etc.

Especially prominent, as significant mineral resources for the development of the Republic of Serbia are lithium, antimony, molybdenum, phosphates, fluorite and borates, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, coal, oil shale, oil and gas, and groundwater.

As one of the most important projects was mentioned the “Jadar”project. Based on the high concentrations of lithium and significant discovered reserves of kryptonite and other boron minerals, “Jadar” is among the world’s biggest lithium deposits and of global importance. Jadar basin contains about 227 million tons of kryptonite in separate jadarit zones. It should be noted that the ministry expected of this project to grow soon into exploitation project (mine opening).

As for oil and gas exploration, by strategic research plan by 2020th it has been planned to increase oil and gas production and reserve growth of these energetics. It is planned to be invested 450 MEUR by the end of the 2020th in geological exploration works in Vojvodina and Serbia, on the south of the Sava and Danube.

Source; Serbia Energy Mining desk

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