Republika Srpska: TPP “Ugljevik” plans reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators worth 10MEUR, 110MEUR desulphurization project finished by 2015

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The company Mine and thermal power plant (M & TPP) “Ugljevik”, which produces a third of the electricity in the Republic of Srpska, is the driving force of economic development of the Republic of Srpska, said Branislava Milekić, director of the “Electric Power Industry of the Republic of Srpska”.

– The previous five or six years MTPP “Ugljevik” as well as a whole ” Electric Power Industry of Republic of Srpska”, left behind the years of losses and liquidity problems and now is a major commercial company that is profitable, all payment obligations settles on time and it is a preferred business partner – said Milekic at the ceremony in Ugljevik on the occasion of the patron saint of the company – Martindan.

She recalled that in the past five or six years revitalization and modernization of the plant was done in the MTPP “Ugljevik”.

– I am particularly proud of the capital repair and reconstruction of the boiler in 2010. After that in 2011 we produced 1,836 gigawatt-hours of electricity, and in 2012 1,837 gigawatt-hours and we achieved a record production since when this giant exists – said Milekić.

She noted that the crown of this success was the financial result which was achieved in 2012 when MTPP realized a profit of 12 million KM.

As a result, says Milekic, MTPP “Ugljevik” allocated about 1.2 million KM in this year only for the purpose of sport, culture and charity.

Director of MTPP “Ugljevik” Ziko Krunic said that the most important job this year was to automate the block, which, he says, was a capital project for thermal power plant.

– Key investment in the power plant was the installation of a system for monitoring and managing the block – automation, which was done in a record time of 60 days, how long overhaul this year – said Krunic.

He added that the system for managing and monitoring cost about 6 million KM, out of which 2.64 million KM was allocated from the World Bank loan under the program “Power 4”, and the remaining were own funds of the company.

– Implementation of automation process lasted three years, since the adoption of the plan, the approval of “Electric Power Industry of Republic of Srpska” and the Government of the Republic of Srpska, to the final installation this year – said Krunic.

He added that the experts rated this job very successful, which, he says, the results proove.

Krunic announced that they planned two major investments in TPPUgljevik in the coming years – the realization of project for construction of desulphurization plant, valued at 250 million KM, and the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators in the power plant, worth 20 million KM, which the company will operate from its own resources.

– Desulphurization project should be completed by 2015 – said Krunic.

MTPP “Ugljevik” employs 1,850 workers; planned quantities of electricity and manufacture of overburden and coal are regularly achieved, as it will be this year.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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