Serbia mining: Higher copper production expected in copper company Bor

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The production of 6,200 tons of cathode copper is expected in the copper smelter plant of the Mining and Smelting Basin (MSB) Bor this month, which has not been recorded since the successful business year 1998, this company has announced.

MSB General Manager, Blagoje Spaskovski, said that this production was the confirmation of the possibility to increase the designed processing capacity in the new copper smelter plant from 400.000 tons of concentrate to half a million tons annually.

“Current production is the proof that the processing in the new smelter plant can be increased by 20 to 25 percent without investing a single cent, and if we invest not more than five million dollars, we can raise the processing to 80 to as much as 90 tons of concentrate per hour”, Spaskovski said.

In MSB, they emphasize that the certified ore reserves in the basin which amount to 1.35 billion tons, as well as the newly discovered copper and gold deposits, guarantee the higher processing of their own concentrate, transmits

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