Romania: Power suppliers owe 30MEUR for 2015 green certificates mandatory quotas

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Energy suppliers are obliged to purchase mandatory quota of green certificates for 2015 or ANRE energy regulator may suspend their licenses. Power suppliers owe in total 30MEUR for 2015.

Energy suppliers who have fulfilled their mandatory quota of green certificates for 2015 will have to buy those at a price four times higher than that of the market, respectively 110 euros to 30 euros , according to law 220 / 2008, as amended. Thus, companies such as Energy Holding Energy Distribution Services, Industry ROMENERGY, RAAN, Hunedoara Energy Complex or Arelco Power will have to spend out tens of millions of euros to meet its obligations under the law.

The funds will be collected by OPCOM energy market operator in Romania, and transferred to the Environment Fund Administration, to support investments in renewable energy. Thus, the environment has received this year, 30 million euro in respect of such debt.

If providers will not buy the quota of green certificates, ANRE may suspend electricity supply licenses.

49 debtors owe total payment of EUR 30.25 million. By far, the largest sum it has to be paid by ROMENERGY Industry. This company has not bought in 2015, it was its duty to do so, 84.422 CV and they will have to pay for 9.3 million euros. The company belongs to businessman Alba Iulia Aurelian Orosi, which Electrica Transilvania Nord has recently terminated the distribution agreement because ROMENERGY owes to him. Industry ROMENERGY recognizes the situation and said Fima will give up completely to the electricity supply.

Energy Distribution Services, with 37 590 CV not purchased, has paid 4.1 million euros. The company is controlled by Hidroconstrucţia director, a company that performs work for state giant Hidroelectrica.

3.12 million euro payment is required for trader’s Supply EFT, part of European giant EFT Group, which holds important positions in the energy markets of most countries in Central and South – Eastern Europe.

And RAAN Drobeta Turnu-Severin, state company that went bankrupt this year has a significant amount of GC not purchased in 2015, 3 million.

In a similar situation is and Hunedoara Energy Complex, which became insolvent, which owes 2.9 million euros certificates not acquired in 2015.

Other big names in the energy market, with arrears on payment are Arelco Power, Energy Holding, the famous “wise guy” subscribed to the cheap energy of Hidroelectrica, Romelectro and Fidelis energy.

A green certificate is issued by Transelectrica after production and delivery of a MWh of renewable energy. Romania grants scheme whereby these certificates is complemented by the obligation for electricity suppliers to purchase an annual certificates in proportion to the energy delivered. In turn, they recover their money from consumers by power bill, so that all consumers Romania supports production of green energy, transmits