Serbia mining: Kolubara mines company, draining of west coal fields “Tamnava” as priority

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For the last few years, Tamnava mines, primarily the mine “Tamnava – West Field”, have been the mainstay of coal production in the Mining Basin “Kolubara”. Last year, over 19 million tons of coal were excavated in Tamnava mines, which represents two thirds of the last year’s total production in the mines.

During the flood wave, when the river Kolubara broke through the embankments and flew into Tamnava mines, two lakes were created from the most productive mines. In the exploitation field of the mine “Veliki Crljeni”, there are 26 million cubic meters, whereas within the area of the “West Field”, there are around 210 million cubic
meters of water.

After the flooding of Tamnava mines, the mines in the eastern part of the mining basin, which had been partially flooded, took over the primacy in the production. Coal production was first started in the field “B”, and afterwards, two more coal producing systems in the Field “D” were included, which almost doubled the level of production. Last week, conditions were created for the MB “Kolubara” to excavate 45.000 tons of lignite per day.

Since the pumping out of water from the Open pit mine “Veliki Crljeni” was started, the water level has been lowered by around 100 centimetres so far. Currently, 15 pumps are included in the pumping out of water from this mine. It is a priority to acquire more high-capacity pumps in order to pump the water out from this mine and
the mine “Tamnava – West Field” as soon as possible, because the re-establishment of the production process in these mines signifies security for the state’s electric power system and a continuous electricity supply for the consumers.

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