Serbia mining: Kolubara mines company, records on eight months production results, best results of “Tamnava-West Field”

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MB “Kolubara” produced in the reported period 19,597,827 tons of coal, thereby over fulfilling the plan by 3%.

According to the data provided by the Production department, the OPM “Tamnava-West Field had the greatest portion of 9,129,728 tons of coal produced, which was about 14% above the plan. The highest over-fulfillment of the plan of about 25% had Field “D” with extracted 5,766,194 tons of coal. At the Field “Veliki Crljeni” it was excavated 3,053,332 tons of lignite or about 95% of the planned amount. Field “B” achieved production of 1,648.573 tons of coal.

In August, the four open pit mines of MB “Kolubara” was excavated 2,767,754 tons of lignite, which is over 3% more than planned.

The mine “Tamnava-West Field with 1,304,642 tons of lignite produced recorded the highest production and overfulfilled the plan by about 11%. The highest overfulfillment of the plan of 28% was achieved by Field “D”, which excavated 806,402 tons of coal in August and thus made up for a below-the-plan output of Field “B” that produced only 224,980 tons of lignite. Field “Veliki Crljeni” with 431,730 tons of lignite produced has overfulfilled the plan by about 8%.

The eight month production of overburden and partings in “Kolubara” amounted to 45,316,337 cubic meters, or approximately 4% above the plan.

In the Tamnava mines (“Tamnava-West Field” and Field “Veliki Crljeni”) it has been excavated 2,642,831 cubic meters of interburden.

The open pit mine “Tamnava-West Field” has achieved the highest overburden production of 21,358,354 cubic meters and the highest overfulfillment of the plan of over 28%. In the Field “D” it was excavated and dumped 16,366,468 cubic meters of solid mass, by which the plan was overfulfilled by about 5%.  In the Field “Veliki Crljeni” it was excavated 1,528,258 cubic meters of overburden, by which the plan was realized with of about 69%. The mine Field “B” produced 6,063,257 cubic meters of overburden, realizing the plan with 66%.

In total it was excavated about 19.6 million tons of lignite and 45.3 million cubic meters of overburden. In August, the coal balance was overfulfilled by about 3%.

Also in August, the open pit mines of MB “Kolubara” excavated 4,895,880 cubic meters of overburden, which is close to the balance amount. Out of this amount, partings of interburden excavated in Tamnava amounted to 395,465 cubic meters.

The highest over-fulfillment of the plan, by over 39 percent, was that achieved by OPM Field “B”, where it has been excavated and dumped 1,211,541 cubic meters of overburden. “Tamnava-West Field” has produced 1,890,637 cubic meters of overburden or approximately 94% of the planned amount. In the Field “Veliki Crljeni”, where the overburden production ceased in the mid of May, 13,582 cubic meters of the interburden has been excavated on the coal benches.   In August, Field “D” produced 1,780,120 cubic meters of overburden, by which the plan was realized with 81%.

Production by mid-September

In the first half of September, according to the Production department, the Mining Basin “Kolubara” excavated 1,374,908 tons of lignite and 2,596,327 cubic meters of overburden. The coal production plan was overfulfilled by approximately 1%, and overburden production is at the level of the plan.

The availability of coal stockpiles in TPP NT is near the balance amount, while that for TPPK and TPP “Morava” are  35% and 15%  respectively higher than planned for this time of year.

Source; RBK

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