Serbia mining: Lithium deposits owned by Rio Tinto generate high expectations from Gov

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Serbia is the only location in the world that has jadarite, the new mineral with a high content of lithium and boron. Mineral was found by “Rio Tinto”, and this week, the world mining giant confirmed that the investment continues. The analyses are in the final stage. The plan is to open a mine in two years and which will cover 10 percent of global needs for lithium. Serbia would have hundreds of millions of euro in revenue per year.

Project “Jadar” near Loznica has been developed by “Rio Tinto”, for over 11 years through a daughter company “Rio Sava”. Research has shown that deposits of lithium and boron are world class. By 2017, they are obliged to submit confirmation of the deposits to the Government.

Din Gering, president of “Rio Tinto Minerals” in Denver says the project “Jadar” and “Rio Tinto Minerals” are a substantial part of the company” Rio Tinto “.

“We appreciate the support we receive from the Government of Serbia and we continue to work on the evaluation of technical, economic and environmental sustainability of the project,” says Din Gering.

These activities already bring benefits to the state and Loznica region. British-Australian company has already funded the construction and repair of the local roads and schools. They are educating and training the necessary personnel, and they would conduct several recruitment competitions.

Vidoje Petrovic, Mayor of Loznica says that they are engaging various educational profiles, up to 150.

“In the future, this would mean an incomparably larger number of employees that could come up to 1,000,” said Petrovic.

Lithium is used to make batteries for electric cars and mobile phones and it is used in rocket industry. In addition to the mine, the strategy of “Rio Tinto” provides for the opening of the factory for processing the ore.

“If it comes to that it is good because it means that our people will be working on the construction of these mines, and later on some processing plants. The state should insist that it should not be the raw materials that leave Serbia, but to focus more on the final product,” said Jelica Putnikovic from “Balkan magazine”.

One of the companies belonging to “Rio Tinto” is exploring gold in Bor region. Also there are about 90 active exploration fields in our country. The largest companies in the world are in search of minerals, metals, and especially gold, transmits