Montenegro: Public discussions may halt oil-gas exploration

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The Ministry of the Environment and Nature Protection opened a public discussion on exploration of hydrocarbons in Montenegro.

First you sign a contract with the oil companies and then you consider the impact on the environment claim from NGO networks in the region.

The Ministry of the Environment and Nature Protection opened a public discussion on Strategic Studies and draft program of exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the undersea of Montenegro. The discussion will be open until February 23. The document was written by the company Earth Link & Advanced Resources Development “.

The study identifies potential impacts on the environment, so for example during seismic surveys bottlenose whales and seals will be endangered baleen whales, and a number of recommendations was given to reduce the impact on the animals. For example, according to the study the discharge of waste material from the activities performed by the drills will not be allowed, so the operators will have to transport all the debris and drilling fluid outside the borders. Indeed, it is stated that a similar policy should be adopted by neighboring countries. Also, possible accidents are elaborated. It remains unclear how did Montenegro put the strategic study on the draft program on public debate, even though last week the Government already confirmed the first contract on exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Montenegrin undersea with the Italian-Russian consortium consisting of Eni and Novatek. The work should start this year. Companies are committed by contract to complete three regular and one service drill. This is a work program that has a value of 85 million euros in the first exploration period, and 12 million euros in the second, transmits