Serbia mining:“Geological and exploitation coal reserves of the western part of Kolubara basin“

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Mr. Miodrag Kezović paper was presented at the Sixth International Conference on Coal, held from 2nd  to 5th  October, at Zlatibor. In this paper, the emphasis is placed on pronounced stratification of some deposits, and thus the occurrence of different quality coal. The rational exploitation of different quality coal involves selective mining, the introduction of homogenization and coal quality management for the needs of thermal power plants.

This paper describes two ways of treating the total explored reserves of the western part of the Kolubara basin. The first way considers the state of  total reserves of the western part of  Kolubara basin , including the Fields D, G and Veliki Crljeni. As explained by the Author, coal (of good quality properties) from the Field Veliki Crljeni has been mixed with coal fromTamnava – West  Field from the start, and as such, the coal has been transported to the TPP Nikola Tesla B, in Obrenovac. The same thing will happen with the coal that is to be excavated in the area of ​​ Field G. Another  view refers to the condition of the total reserves of the western part of the basin (Tamnava – West, Radljevo and Zvizdar ) according to the official division .

Mr. Kezović MSc, in this paper, presented also the state of  coal reserves of the western part of the Kolubara coal basin. These are results of previous research, research methods, the implementation of research methods (geographic position, geo-morphological characteristics, hydrography and climate characteristics , geology of the basin ), as well as the display of research results. Coal mining in the Fields G, Radljevo – North and Zvizdar has not yet begun. Coal exploitation in OPM Tamnava – East Field is complete. From 1977 – 79,  by the end of exploitation, total realized overburden production amounted to 237,450,604 m3and 235,426,078 tons of coal. The annual coal production (late 2012): OPM Veliki Crljeni about 5,450,000 tons of coal and Tamnava – East Field around 13 million tons of coal.

Based on research conducted by Mr. Kezović, MSc, it can be concluded that the coal from the western part of Kolubara basin must be mixed with the coal from other fields in order to obtain the required /requested quality. According to the author, this specifically refers to the deposits of Tamnava – West and Radljevo that have the worst quality characteristics of coal, and on the other hand are the deposits that have the largest geological and mineable coal reserves (about 75% of coal reserves are located in these two deposits).

Source; MB Kolubara

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