Serbia: Ministry of energy confirms start of JV with foreign companies for large energy projects HPP Bistrica, Djerdap and TPPs

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Three priority energy projects, whose realization is more certain, are reversible hydro power plant (RHPP) “Bistrica” and thermal power plant “Kostolac” and “Stavalj”, which be realized without state budget ballast, confirmed the ministry of Energy.

In one of these projects the famous US investment fund will invest. It is known from earlier that  Chinese already invest in the modernization of Thermal power plant and open- pit mines “Kostolac” and that it is planned thermal power plant construction  in Kostolac, but also that Czechs are interested to invest in TPP “Stavalj” in the second phase of modernization.

-RHPP “Bistrica” will be one of the most pay-out projects, because when it would be built, that power plant will export electricity on economic prices in the regional states at the season top, when the electricity misses.

Serbia will also send a proposal to Romania to jointly build a seventh generator at the hydropower plant “Djerdap 1”, with 200 megawatts, which is estimated to cost around 70MEUR, because the infrastructure already exists . On HPP Djerdap 1, on the Serbian and Romanian Danube side were built by six generators of 176, 3 MW in 1970. The total generators power on the Serbian side amounts 1.058 megawatts.

Ministry confirmed that one Swiss company is interested for the strategic partnership for one energy project in Serbia, but he did not want to reveal details about this project.

Ministry expects also discussion with the Italian minister of energy about the implementation of the hydro power plants project on Ibar, which was agreed earlier to be realized with the company “Secci energia” within international agreement between Serbia and Italia.

In the cooperation with that Italian company it is planned that 10 hydropower plants be built on Ibar, of total power of 100 megawatts, in what will be invested 285 MEUR, so the produced green energy would be assigned to the export in Italy.

Source; Serbia Energy

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