Montenegro: New TPP Pljevlja unit and environmental NGOs warnings

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New power plant Pljevlja 300MW unit tender which attracted the interest of various european and chinese consortium companies also raised the attenton of environment activists. From Montenegro energy company EPCG, minority owned by A2A but managed by italian company,  said that the environmental impact study confirmed that its environmental impact will be lower than in the existing TPP Pljevlja and that the new unit will suit to all conditions of the modern technology and environmental standards in the EU and Montenegro, and which include all measures of the effluent gases cleaning.

In the part of the non-governmental sector believe that citizens of Pljevlje should vote in a local referendum on the possible second unit construction of TPP, considering that the project could have an adverse effect on their lives and health.

“The project envisages the required thermal station for thermal energy providing for district heating of Pljevlje, which will significantly reduce air pollution from individual furnaces that are the biggest polluter of central city part”, claims from the EPCG.

Non-governmental organizations Green Home and Network for the Affirmation of non-governmental sector condemned the government’s decision to elect someone who will build TPP by an interstate agreement and without public tender, because it can cause certain companies favoring.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/EPCG

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