Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia: Reservoir Capital & A2A HPP Brodarevo challenged by regional environment NGO network

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Environment NGOs from three countries against the Reservoir Corp HPP projects Brodarevo. NGOs claim cross border impact enables cross border civil network advocacy campaign against HPP Brodarevo

In Bijelo Polje, the non-governmental organizations from Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the municipalities through which the river Lim flows, adopted a Declaration on the Protection of the River Lim and its Tributaries, with reference to the initiation of a new procedure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Serbia for obtaining approval for constructing the hydro power plants Brodarevo 1 and 2.

The conference in Bijelo Polje was held with reference to 14th March – The International Day of Action against Dams: for Rivers, Water and Life.

As it was announced by “Euro-bridge”, the host of today’s meeting, the Declaration will be submitted to all local self-governments in all three states located on the banks of the river Lim, to Governments, as well as to international institutions, the European Commission, the EU Delegations in Podgorica, Belgrade and Sarajevo.

According to the executive director of “Euro-bridge”, Almer Mekić, a study, identical to the previous one, was presented in Prijepolje on 4th March.

As Mekić says, from this study, it is clearly visible that the construction of hydro power facilities HPP Brodarevo 1 and Brodarevo 2 is planned within the border zone towards Montenegro, which makes the preparation of the Environmental Impact Study in a Trans-boundary Context mandatory, which has been omitted in this case.

According to Mekić, it is certain that the reservoir of HPP Brodarevo 1 would encroach on the territory of Montenegro, i.e. the territory of the municipality of Bjelo Polje.

“Furthermore, it has been made completely impossible for the interested public of Montenegro to participate in this procedure, which is why we insist that the Montenegrin side should request from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Serbia, in accordance with the ESPO convention, that one public hearing also be held in Bijelo Polje, so as to inform the citizens of Bijelo Polje about the consequences of such construction”, said Meki, transmits