Croatia: HEP Power utility completes the modernization of its key 236MW HPP Dubrovnik

, SEE Energy News

The capacity of the revitalized hydro power plant has been increased to the total of 236 MW, whereby the possibility of generating almost 100 GWh has been reached.

The renewed hydro power plant Dubrovnik, one of the most important and the largest in Croatia, is essential for HEP electricity production portfolio.

The Hydro Power Plant Dubrovnik was built in 1965, and the project of its revitalization worth 320 million kunas was finished in January 2016. Owing to this project, the power plant capacity has been increased by additional 20 MW, to the total of 236 MW. Thereby, the possibility of generating almost 100 GWh of certified green energy has been reached. During the half a century of operation, the HPP Dubrovnik delivered around 30 billion KWh to the Croatian electric power system, which is almost twice more than the total consumption of entire Croatia.

Furthermore, this is the first reconstructed hydro power plant within the comprehensive multiannual program of reconstruction and revitalization of HEP’s hydro power plants. With the total value of 3.6 billion kunas, the revitalization program ensures the extension of the plant’s lifetime and the additional 111 MW to 124 MW of new capacity, which can be compared to the capacity of one hydro power plant, the sixth largest among the 26 existing hydro power plants of  HEP.

On the other hand, the Transformer Substation Srđ, the total investment worth 136 million kunas, is in trial operation and it is a part of the project Dubrovnik, by which the HEP group enables a long-term security of electricity supply for the southernmost Croatia. Today, it will also be visited by the HEP’s guests at the presentation of these projects, and it will be put in operation soon, as it has been announced by the company, transmits