Serbia: New 2025 energy strategy to define new power generation projects and investment arrangements, old TPP projected to go offline in reserve, report

11. June 2013. / News Serbia Energy

New strategy for energy development, where is planned that Serbia has two new plants available, around 3.000 MW strong, is being finished and the first version will be completed soon- Deputy Minister of Energy, Dejan Trifunovic, stated.

-Strategy for energy development in Serbia will refer to the period since 2015 to 2025 with development projections until 2030- Trifunovic explained.

When the first version of the strategy is finished, public discussion follows, adoption in Government, in Parliament until the end of the year- Trifunovic explained.

-Strategy is important because of investments and some of priority projects that were defined by it are construction of TPP “Kostolac B3” that can be online from 2018 to 2019 like reversible HPP “Bistrica”, and the most certain is construction of HPPs on Ibar with Italians, small HPPs from the credits of EBRD and “TE-TO Novi Sad” which is in the final phase of defining the project- Trifunovic stated.

-TENT B3 and “Kolubara B” are being reconsidered. Although it isn’t in the scope of EPS, there is some interest for TPP “Stavalj”, Kovin and for Despotovac. Reversible HPP “Djerdap 3” is also serious project. We have a lack of electricity in region and the plan is that Serbia has 2.000 of new MW in 10 years plus 1.092 MW from renewable sources- Deputy Minister of Energy stressed.

As he stressed, the strategy will answer what is the priority and it is important how industry will develop and the principle of sustainable energy is dominant, satisfying of EU directives in area of renewable sources, energy efficiency, big fireboxes and industrial emissions.

-This document has to be the concept of sustainable energy both for population and industry. We’ll remain without around 1.150 MW and we have to replace them and there are new capacities and renewable sources. Measures of energy efficiency are not neglected, because we need to save 9% in total consumption by 2018. This is national obligation- Trifunovic said.

-We expect answer from Energy Community SEE when withdrawal of all thermal capacities lower than 300 MW happens. We have option for it 1 January 2018 the earliest or end of December in 2023 the latest- Trifunovic stressed.

This is the first strategy of development that will have estimation of environmental influences and the Program of its accomplishing will be done- he explained and added that strategy will consider all aspects of energy policy including regulations, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and it will have clearly defined time horizon.

Source; Serbia Energy/Kwh/EPS

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