Serbia: New investment plan in energy and mining sector in preparation

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The Ministry of Mining and Energy has prepared an investment plan in the energy and mining sector worth 10 billion euros, the majority of which is related to investment in the electricity sector said the Minister Zorana Mihajlovic. Minister Mihajlovic said that the main priority is the construction of medium and large hydro power plants, because that is a sustainable type of energy in the time of an energy transition. Secondly, the Ministry aims to reduce the price of electricity, when it comes to both production and consumption, which is an issue of energy efficiency, for which a new legal framework is in preparation. The third area are renewable energy sources, which can help achieve energy security. According to her, the most critical point in the electricity distribution system, whose maintenance has been burdened by large costs in the past period. The losses within the distribution network are big and the estimate is that, in the next three to four years, at least 350 million euros should be invested in order to reduce those losses by at least 3 to 4 %.